Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Foam Rubber Mattresses

The foam rubber mattress or latex mattress was first put in in the market in the 1950's by Sears. These mattresses are created from latex caoutchouc foam and is best-known for its durability against the regular spring mattresses. Foam rubber mattresses can be synthetic or natural foam (latex). Processed foam rubber mattresses are experienced to last for twenty years or even more.

The comfort and strength of a foam mattress comes from its composition which is purely latex or rubber foam. Coils or spring beds can cause sleep disruption or sleep apnea because of the discomfort when the coils begin to fag out and the mattress begins to swag. Since rubber is produced from organic textiles, the mattresses are hypoallergenic. It also annihilates the possible action of fungus growth or molds. The rubber foam mattresses also admonish the growth of dust mites that reside spring coil or synthetic foam beds.

The rubber foam mattress also permits body temperatures to correct or respire as we sleep in. It also offers much needed back support than most beds because it adapts to the movement and contours of the body as we shift in our sleep. Latex or rubber foam is also fire resistant and does not disintegrate like normal foam after a few years.

Memory foam is one type of rubber foam mattress. This was originally designed by NASA for softening astronauts during their space flight take offs. Memory foam acts both like a solid and a liquid, so that when you press your weight on the foam, it cushions or supports your weight, and then springs back. This mattress annihilates the motion disturbance induced when folks reposition in their sleep, making it a good mattress for couples. The difference between memory foam and a latex foam mattress is that latex is organic composed from rubber, while the memory foam is synthetic coming from an oil derivative that is formed into the foam.

Foam rubber mattresses are also suggested for ponderous people because of its ability to sustain the body weight of a person. Also it doesn't sag easily. Another great characteristic of foam rubber mattresses is that you no more have to flip or turn it over like spring coil mattresses. Flipping traditional mattresses is a way to sleep on the reverse side of the mattress where the body indentation from the weight is pronounced and causes discomfort.

Foam rubber mattresses might cost more than the regular spring mattresses, but users are ascertained of its comfort and durability against every day spring coil mattresses. Rubber foam or latex mattresses are also suggested for use by doctors or chiropractors because of their ability to support the back or spinal column as we sleep.

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