Friday, 12 June 2009

Tested Memory Mattresses

Visco Memory Foam Mattresses are really not new in the world of mattresses. The Visco-elastic polyurethane foam was already known for NASA in 1960s because the foam has the ability to equalize the pressure around the body and can reshape around the body. It has also a heat sensitive nature that allows removing any pressure points around the body. This was perfect for the spaceships because the foam was gentle and could keep the astronauts from being smashed when they are in outer space.
The mattress became popular in 1980s when it was used in hospitals but was expensive at that time. After the release of Visco Elastic Tempur-Pedic foam in early 1998, it became a big hit in the market because of its uniqueness compared to the other mattresses. Many companies had produced memory mattresses and the competition increased. This resulted to the price drop of the mattress. Now, there are many memory mattresses available that have the same characteristics as the Visco Elastic Tempur-Pedic foam. Visco is one of the well-known brands in the market when it comes to foam technology because of the long history of success since 1960s.
Visco memory foam mattresses are unique because of the heat sensitivity that the foam has. The foam can reshape around the body and eliminates pressure points that can give a floating feeling like when you are in a bathtub. This relaxes the body especially the muscles. The foam also ensures healthy sleep without pain when you wake up in the morning.
The mattresses have higher density than the other memory mattresses in the market. Higher density of the foam means that the foam has higher quality and longer life span. High density means that there are billions of open cells packed together and receives airflow slower than those with low density. This makes the slow movement or recovery of the foam when they receive pressure and results to giving a more comfortable sleep to the users. The mattresses also have more cushions with higher density. They also have longer memory or longer recovery when they experience movements. This helps eliminate pressure points and this is also the reason for the longer life span of the mattresses.
Visco elastic mattresses have health benefits too. They can cure the sleeping disorders that you have. The elimination of pressure points prevents the turning during sleep. This eradicates the pain that you experience when you wake up. But there are people who acquire pain by sleeping still for a long time. With this, the elastic mattress is not advisable for them.
Generally, Visco memory foam mattresses are heat sensitive with higher density compared to the other foams in the market. They have longer life span because of the slow movement or recovery of the mattresses.

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